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Flexibility is key to success in eCommerce, especially since you can end up doing business worldwide. Whether your business has grown beyond your wildest dreams, or you planned from the start to eventually become a global merchant, you're going to need the right types of payment options to serve customers internationally.

With Shift4Shop, you can integrate with your choice of over 100 payment providers in numerous countries, including specialized payment processing and local currency. We support tons of alternate payment types as well, further expanding the options you can offer your customers.

Accept Credit Cards, Digital Wallets, and More with Shift4Shop

Accept Credit Cards

Shift4Shop is fully integrated with PayPal, so you can start accepting payments from day one. Your payment processing, merchant account, and more are ready and waiting for you as soon as you set up your Shift4Shop store. Simply activate PayPal in your payment settings, and you'll have a secure gateway ready for you to start selling — and by using PayPal for your payment processor, you'll qualify for our free End-to-End eCommerce plan. This fully unlimited plan includes all the functionality from our Pro plan, meaning you'll have our industry-leading eCommerce platform completely free.

How to Choose a Payment Solution for Your Business

Your Business, your choice. Don’t let your ecommerce platform limit your payment options. Choose from over 100 payment processors with no additional transactions or integration fees.

Having a PCI Certified website that meets the security requirements from global financial institutions, gives you freedom to choose from the best providers in the industry to accept credit cards.

Secure Payments

Look for payment processors that support credit card tokenization.Token technology allows for recurring orders, additional transactions and the use of “card on file” at checkout while reducing business liability.

Online Payment Solutions by Country

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Understand the Types of Online Payment Solutions

High Risk Payment Processors

If you're on a high-risk industry, most payment providers won't work for your business. We work with hard-to-place merchants looking for high-risk merchant accounts.

ACH & eCheck Payments

Accepting eChecks in your website can help you with B2C and B2B transactions. Reduce the risk of fraud by allowing ACH online payments for your online store.

Digital Wallet Solutions

Virtual wallets like PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay and Google Pay; are popular with mobile online shoppers and can help you increase website conversions.

Buy Now, Pay Later Solutions

Offering a consumer financing program increases your customer's purchasing power. Increase sales by adding pay-later and finance payment options to your website.

Interchange Plus Pricing

Merchant account pricing models include tiered pricing and interchange-plus pricing. Interchange is the wholesale fee of running a credit card transaction set by the card networks. This is a transparent model that would reflect lower rates for in-person or debit cards, and higher rates for reward cards, for example. Interchange-plus merchant accounts will charge the wholesale interchange cost plus a small markup.

3D-Secure Authentication

3D Secure (3 Domain Secure) 2.0 implements new technology to shift the burden of fraud prevention away from the merchant and to the payment provider. A customer's transactions and identity are verified through a system that utilizes a large amount of information to determine whether a payment is fraudulent or valid while keeping the customer's checkout experience as smooth as possible.

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